May 022013

I’ve been talking about ‘change’ this week…must be something in the air!

Change happens in all kinds of ways. The most disorientating is when seriously stormy weather comes out of the blue – overnight redundancy, betrayal by a close friend, being a victim of crime, getting an injury or illness…you know the kind of thing. This is a complete game-changer. It pulls the rug out from under you and sends everything tumbling. How would you cope?

Most of us will experience something like this during our lifetime, but it’s impossible to know how you’d respond until it happens. Suddenly, without warning, you’re being swept along on a whirlwind of consequences, the confusion of the central issue getting compounded by after-shocks:

  • road to storm / resilienceIf you lose your job you don’t just lose income, you also lose your status, perhaps your social circle, maybe the respect of your peers or partner, or yourself
  • As a victim of crime you find yourself suddenly plunged into physical and emotional trauma, not only dealing with the crime, but also with the aftermath – the legal system, other people’s attitudes to you
  • When you’re betrayed by a friend others may not believe you, sides may be taken, you could find yourself losing more friends, being lied to and about, wondering whether friends you’d chosen in the past were ever friends at all
  • If you suffer an accident or illness you may be surprised by the kindness of strangers, while those you expected to be there for you have disappeared

During these times you need a lorry-load of soft skills to see you through intact! These skills are your survival kit. Skills like self-reliance, confidence, critical reasoning, motivation, and adaptability are the skills of resilience. They don’t just help you through the storm of change – they get you there in the best shape possible.

However, when you’re in the eye of the storm it’s only possible to be reactive – you’re dealing with chaos, coping on the fly, drawing on your reserves. So build up these reserves now. Get your soft skills survival kit packed up and ready to go.

Developing your soft skills brings so many benefits to your life; resilience in times of massive change is just one (big one) of them.


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