Sep 292014

Are you stressed?

One ancient antidote to stress that’s now gaining mainstream recognition is mindfulness.

So what does it mean, to be mindful?

mindfulHere’s a really simple introductory exercise that you can add into your day, and that takes no time:

  • Choose a habit – something you do on your own every day, like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or drinking morning coffee
  • Pay close attention to what’s happening while you do it
  • Be fully aware of how it feels, smells, sounds, tastes and so on
  • If your mind wanders, simply notice where it went to, and guide it back gently to the present moment

Reducing stress lowers the likelihood of burnout, stroke, heart attack and depression.

Isn’t it worth devoting no time a day to an activity that will help you avoid these and other health risks?

If you’ve a few minutes a day to spare, explore work by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Or find out more about research that’s being undertaken into the benefits of mindfulness at Oxford University.

You’ll be happier as a result.


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