May 172016

Are you one of those people who have left a regular job and set out on your own?

Or would you like to be?

Would you like to be a freelancer?

Would you like to be free?

Ah yes, the ‘free’ in freelancer is a big clue to the appeal of this way of living.

The ability to shape your own life and determine your own destiny is a huge pull for many who feel they’re living life in a straight jacket of someone else’s design.

But making the leap into freedom is a huge decision.

George Bernard Shaw quote

However, if freedom is calling, you need to listen, or you’ll always regret it.

One of my coaching clients who’s recently made this transition is ‘struggling’ a bit. Every time I ask him how he’s doing he tells me he’s worried because, “I’m not used to feeling so happy. I feel guilty!” :)

He’s moved from a very stressful working situation into one that gives him the freedom to pursue a different way of being, one that’s more aligned with who he is and what he wants from life, and one that makes him wake up looking forward to the day ahead. He’s loving the process of discovery.

Still, making this move isn’t all roses, otherwise everyone would do it.

So what are some of the ‘thorns’?

Well, in no particular order, you’ve got to be okay with…

  • financial insecurity
  • a requirement to self-motivate no matter how tough the going gets
  • a lack of benefits or holiday pay
  • the need to build your own network of colleagues
  • delegating, managing and leading
  • doing jobs you don’t enjoy (yep, maybe like selling!)
  • no skiving
  • the buck stopping with you
  • making all the decisions
  • setbacks and failure
  • working really long hours
  • friends and family thinking you’ve gone crazy

Could you handle those thorns?

Do you have the necessary business acumen to become a freelancer?

And the right soft skills?

Is freedom still calling?

If you say “yes” to all that, then it’s time to start making plans!

Getting a coach to help you is a great place to start…

contact us

And getting free will be the best thing you ever did.


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