Distilling many years of work in the field of inner change and transformation, Penelope Tobin has produced BBM, a comprehensive and well-structured system for breaking barriers to achieving one's potential. Highly recommended.

Peter Firebrace / London, UK
"Be yourself Brilliantly" is accessible, compelling and, above all, creatively disturbing. It is written with human warmth by an author confident in her evidence and theory - offering a means of reflecting on personal and professional life. Read it and embrace the change it offers you.

Paul Roberts / Northants, UK
"Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly!" can be constantly used for reference and for guidance as we approach each inevitable barrier along the way. I am truly grateful for this life long companion that I can refer to over and over again as I face each new challenge of life's wondrous journey. A must read for everyone!

Rick DellaRatta / New York, USA
Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly is an essential companion for me and recommended to my clients. It helps to remind us we can easily be in the driving seat of our lives instantly and make change happen!

Helen James / Surrey, UK
By carefully describing and setting the stage of each practical situation, Penelope helps the reader reach the obvious conclusion him/herself rather than spelling out her own recommendations. That way makes you feel like you are discovering these positive principles and therefore makes it easier for you to adopt them. I highly recommend "Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly!" if you want to change your behavior to be more efficient in everything you do and be more yourself.

Alan Daboville / La Paz, Bolivia
BBM is such a fab thing and so inspirational!!

Danette OHara / London, UK
Thank you very much for the inspiration…BBM has helped me to improve my present life and my perspectives for the future

Roberto Lopes / Brazil
A must have book for anyone working with soft skills or personal development, "Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly!" has helped my individual and team coaching techniques, as well as my own personal development. More than a reference; it is rarely on my bookshelf, more often on my desk or in and out of my bag.

Guy Griff / Berkshire, UK
A unique and thought provoking method for bringing about positive changes to our everyday lives. BBM allows us to discover the real issues at the heart of perceived personal difficulties, and (re)discover inherent resources to bring about change.

Dr Michael Clarke / London, UK


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