Jun 292015

Creativity used to live in the realm of stuff that’s pink and fluffy.failure / creativity

It was what artists did,

Or kids, when they were making all that cute stuff,

Or folks doing all those colourful activities in workshops or therapy sessions.

Then suddenly creativity became a business buzz word… Continue reading »

Jun 152015

Be quiet

Shhh. Be quiet. Just for a moment or two.

Ok, so you’re not speaking. But how much noise are you making?

Is there a din going on inside your mind?

Are your thoughts clattering off into the past or the future, or chattering away about various things all at once?

Do your thoughts make so much noise that it’s hard to think?

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Jun 012015

ToxicHave you ever been in a toxic situation where someone – maybe a colleague – was making you miserable?

You spent hours trying to figure out why they did what they did, why they said what they said.

Lists of pros and cons, lots of mulling over, long conversations with friends…nothing shed any light.

No matter how you tried to rationalise it, it didn’t make sense.

So you took another route… Continue reading »

Feb 022015

We hear so much about the value of creative thinking. Yet how many people really value it?

Despite the attention that’s been heaped on creativity over recent years, the most prevalent mindset, particularly in business, still seems to be the one that believes logic trumps intuition, numbers provide the only valid evidence, and creativity is about finger painting, doing crazy role play exercises, and being generally silly.

However much we value creative thinking, it’s easy to be swayed by the Left Focus bias of a logic-loving world…even when the logic is…well, illogical. 

Have you ever encountered any of these Left Focus barriers to creative thinking? Continue reading »

Dec 012014

Most of us are confident that we know our own mind. We live in a free society where little is now taboo, and we can think and say pretty much what we want. Nobody is telling us what to do or what to believe, right!

We’re intelligent, educated individuals, who act according to our own determination – weighing things up rationally, based on our experience, our knowledge, and our gut reaction. Thunderbird / know your mind?

But if that’s the case, how come advertising works so well? Continue reading »

Nov 102014

Nobody likes conflict, right! Well, other than those who are into ‘drama’, who stir up trouble for the thrill of it, or who use conflict as a means of control. But most sane people don’t like conflict. And why should they? It’s upsetting, it’s risky, it’s challenging.


However, sometimes conflict is absolutely necessary. And in our desire to avoid it, we can unwittingly make matters worse. Continue reading »

Sep 152014

I’m not going to get into the “where’s all the common courtesy gone?” debate – although it’s an interesting one!

Thanks a Bunch / AppreciationInstead, I want to step beyond the day-to-day ‘thank you’ (please spread generously!), and to the next level – the expression of appreciation.

Expressing your appreciation of another’s work, effort, input, smile – or whatever – sprinkles fairy dust onto any situation.

Appreciation is shown to improve wellbeing, motivation, performance, relationships – you name it!

It has such great results in so many ways, anyone can do it, and it’s free!

So why is appreciation so rare?

Continue reading »


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