Gut reaction

When was the last time you listened to your gut reaction? A time when everything was fine, on the face of it. But your gut was telling you something different. It was making a hullabaloo, all tense and churned up.

At times like this it’s tempting to get annoyed with your gut, or to dose it up with something to keep it quiet. But is that wise?

gut reactionNext time it happens, listen to what your gut’s trying to say. Maybe it’ll happen when:

  • You’re out with a friend…is your gut questioning how comfortable you are in this friendship?
  • You’re about to change jobs…maybe your gut’s suggesting this might not be the right direction for you?
  • You’re with your charming new partner…perhaps your gut doesn’t trust this person?

There are times when nerves, excitement, chillies or the ‘flu give us an upset stomach. But often our gut is trying to get our attention and tell us something.

Paying attention to your gut is a great way of spotting downward focus – the barrier that likes to stay hidden.

If you don’t listen to it, it’s likely to get more insistent.



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[…] it’s cru­cial to trust your own instincts, to act accord­ing to your own val­ues, and not to be pulled in all dir­ec­tions depend­ing […]

[…] it’s crucial to trust your own instincts, to act according to your own values, and not to be pulled in all directions depending […]

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