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Rubbish art changes lives

Have a look at this – it’s rubbish, it’s art, it changes lives. Without trying.

The music changes lives. Or rather, the opportunity enables lives to change, in their own way.

Generally, our education and training is all about someone else’s idea of development. We strive to achieve the right grades, to satisfy the external criteria, to please the teacher.

We may learn things, but do we change because of these?

Do we become more fully ourselves?

The Paraguay kids of the Landfill Harmonic learn the skills of music and, by doing this, they have the opportunity to access and develop their innate soft skills – confidence, creativity, motivation and more.

This changes them. They become more fully themselves.

Soft skills are developed ‘collaterally’…while we’re doing something else. We don’t learn them, we access them. So the Paraguay kids don’t learn them; they’re given the opportunity to access them. And they seize it!

Our approach to learning has much to learn from this.


For more rubbish art that changes lives, have a look at the beautiful and moving documentary, Waste Land.

And go here to seize the opportunity to create your own change.


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