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Get a celebration policy!

Today the CEO of an organisation I’ve been ‘barrier-breaking’ with revealed his personal take-away from our work.

“Celebrate more.”

Up until now he’d celebrate when a contract was won, but then that was it.  No saluting the steps taken along the way, nor cheering at the completion.

I’m always moving on to the next thing. But working and living like that’s neither good business sense, nor common sense.

Celebration Policy

By not giving himself or his people enough pats on the back he was missing a multitude of morale-boosting opportunities.

I loved his new ‘celebration policy!’ And it made me dwell on how we can all be prone to over-thinking “the next thing” – the thing that’s going to make us really successful, happy, wealthy, fulfilled, and so on.

We forget to celebrate where we are now. And what it took to get here.

Have you got a celebration policy?

It only needs a few moments – taken regularly.

Have a look at your life. Celebrate your successes.  But more than that.  Celebrate the challenges you’ve overcome, the resilience you’ve shown, the lessons you’ve learnt, the hard knocks you’ve picked yourself up from.

Then give yourself a pat on the back as you put the work in. It feels good to have our hard work recognised, even by ourselves. And the good feeling you get from celebrating what’s happening right now spurs you on to the next thing.

It’s a policy worth having.


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