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Bad luck or lack of communication?

Are you one of the lucky ones? With UK unemployment standing at 7.8% – and a million of the jobless being young people – if you (or yours) are working, then you’re among the lucky ones, right!

But is it all luck? Or could some of it be down to communication?

communicationA recent survey of young job seekers shows that many are falling at the first hurdle.

Reason? They’re unable to communicate effectively.

So even if they’ve got a lot of the right soft skills for the job, they haven’t got the communication skills needed to put them across convincingly.

If you know someone who’s not been lucky in their job search, give them a helping hand. They must be up to speed with the practicalities of a job search, of course. But even more importantly, encourage them to improve their communication skills. It’s not only going to help them in the interview, but also way beyond.

In our interconnected world, communication is the now the most sought-after skill in the workplace – whether we’re working for an employer or for ourselves.

Developing this one skill could transform an ‘unlucky’ someone’s life.


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