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Want to know the secret of success?

Many people are looking for ‘the secret’.

That certain something that will move them into a stress-free life, constant good health, boundless wealth, blissful happiness.

Are you looking for it?

secretSorry to break this to you…there isn’t a secret.

I know, that’s not what you want to hear.

But this is good news!

You may not believe me. You may have been convinced otherwise by the multitude of ‘experts’ who cash in on this desire.

Consultants, therapists, theologians, politicians, philosophers, authors, speakers, salespeople, marketers…many have their version of the secret, the panacea for our problems, that unique formula that promises us whatever we desire.

And they sell their wares with ease, because they know how to tap into our longing.

Call me foolish. But I cannot tell you that BBM is the secret, even though it will change your life for the better, forever.

Because I don’t believe there’s a secret that leads to untold riches, the physique of a god(dess) and eternal happiness.

Or that promises ‘happy ever after’.

Life presents challenges for everyone. Life is chock-a-block with unpredictability.

Our success lies in how we live it.

And the good news is…we already have everything we need for that.

All we need to do is break through the barriers, and forget the lure of ‘the secret’.


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