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I’m just not creative.

This is something I’ve heard often from clients. Perhaps you’ve heard it too? Or said it?

But if you’re breathing you’re creative!

Creativity gets knocked out of us from an early age, because it’s messy, disruptive, uncertain. It’s all sorts of things that annoy parents, that teachers don’t have time to deal with, and that organisations find an irritant. But, strangely, if you read any organisation’s blurb, attend an education conference, or chat to parents about creativity, you’d might never know that this ‘troublesome’ side exists. Creativity is talked about as colourful and fun. It’s a smiling face. Messy paint pots. Childish maybe, but basically a good thing we all want.

Meanwhile, its ‘evil twin’ is skulking around, shunned by polite society!


This other side of creativity makes you risk many things – failure, looking stupid, standing out from the crowd, getting ridiculed. It’s certainly not smiley enough to make the company’s annual report, the charity’s promo shots, or the school’s newsletter! But if we would talk more about it – and to it – this other side of creativity would allow us to flex our creative muscles, to develop what is an inherent human capability. We would understand that our complex feelings about our creativity are not peculiar. Creativity is as complex as life itself.

So embrace the ‘evil twin’ of creativity and set it free!!

Try things out, experiment, be curious, fail often, ignore the ridicule…get creative with the multitude of opportunities that life provides for this purpose.

If you’re breathing, it’s just what you’re meant to do.


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