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I love my work…how about you?

I consider myself a lucky so and so.

But why do I love my work?

Is it because it’s always easy? Nope.

Or that I always achieve everything I want to? Nope.

Because every day’s a breeze? Nope.

So what is it?

lucky / love workI start every day excited, and eager to get on with things. I believe passionately in what I do. I feel ‘on purpose’, I get to make a positive contribution, I love my work environment, and I’m enriched by the inspiring people I associate with. Plus I’m challenged just enough to keep me stretched but not stressed out.

That’s why I love my work.

It’s not always been this way.  The secret for me has been:

  • Listening to what makes my heart sing rather than sigh – and moving in that direction
  • Paying attention to my gut reactions and learning to trust the inner voice more than the outer ‘experts’
  • Asking myself questions like, “would I want to do this for the rest of my life?” And if the answer’s “NO!!!!” then doing something about it asap
  • Acting not on what I or others say I ‘should’ do, but on what feels right for me to do at that time

Gradually I’ve moved into the place where I work best, and I believe I can do my best work.

How I work wouldn’t suit everyone, but it suits me.

And there’s a place that suits each of us.

Do you love your work? If not, it’s time to make the change. Keep listening to yourself…and before long you’ll be a lucky so and so too!


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