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5 tips for more time in your life

How come everyone rushes around, with no time to spare, even though we’ve every conceivable convenience readily available to us?

What do people do now to consume their time that they didn’t do in the past?

calm/ time

Or is it that we think about ‘doing’ differently.

Time doesn’t change…we’ve the same amount we ever had – more even, given that we live longer.

But instead of being able to enjoy this, there’s a common breathlessness,

a constant looking to the next thing,

a continuously darting focus.

We all get caught up in it.

It takes awareness to counter it.

If you feel entangled by the flurry, here are 5 simple things you can do TODAY to free yourself from it, and bring balance into your life:

  • If an email can be dealt with in less than 2 minutes, do it
  • Practice mindfulness – start by taking a moment to be fully aware of one breath
  • Take a break from social media, news, and TV…it’s just one day!
  • Listen to your language – don’t overdramatise situations…it adds unnecessary stress
  • Leave for appointments 10 minutes earlier than usual – so you’ve always got a little time to spare

Living with more time and space is so beneficial to your health and happiness that it’s worth stepping outside the norm.

Oh, and you’ll get a lot more done too.


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