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Are you indecisive, procrastinating, skiving…or merely mulling?

The majority of people I meet through my work drive themselves pretty hard. They give themselves little slack.

When they’re vacillating over something, they say they’re being indecisive.

When they’re avoiding doing something, they label it procrastination.

When they’re not ‘at their desk’, they call it skiving.

Rarely – if ever – do I hear them say that they’re mulling.



It’s as though taking time to consider, to reflect, review, meditate upon, or to ponder, are weak and irresponsible activities.

Not something you admit to.

Better a procrastinator than a muller!


But mulling is active not avoidance.

It’s key to innovation, to planning, and to wellbeing.

To never mull is foolish.


You work hard.

You know you’re not a shirker.

If you’re not doing something there’s probably a good reason.

Mull it over.


Try a mull today.

If you’re stuck on something, step away, mull, and the answer will come to you within moments.

When you reach a solution, take a break, have a mull, and the next step will reveal itself.

If you feel uncertain about a direction, shift your focus, and have a mull. You’ll know which way to go.


You’ll work a lot better for a little more mulling.


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