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Banish your inner skeptic!

Do you have a ‘little pal’ who’s always with you, chattering away, giving you a running commentary, critiquing your every move…this is your inner skeptic! Let’s call it Gasbag…

Who needs outer critics when you’ve got Gasbag totally devoted to you?

Of course not everyone has their own personal Gasbag, but a lot of people do – a lot of good people.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts

Bertrand Russell

Or so full of Gasbag!

Doubt / Inner skepticSeriously, it’s healthy to have doubts, to question yourself, to consider other perspectives. This kind of interrogation is constructive; Gasbag’s isn’t.

You can tell the difference.

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If you pay too much attention to your inner skeptic, your Gasbag, it will become a destructive monster. It will stop you taking action, limit your potential, reduce your creativity, dull your enjoyment of life.

When your behaviour is driven by doubt and fear it’s a sure sign that Gasbag has you by the short and curlies…it’s dictating your life and stopping you being all you can be.

Gasbag is a selfish, attention-seeking beast.

It draws your focus inwards, into yourself…it’s negative, but it’s still all about me, me, me.

So when you find yourself thinking about yourself in this way, STOP!

Get your attention off yourself, off Gasbag, and out onto the bigger idea.


Banish the noisy, negative natterer,

and put your time, energy and attention onto more interesting things

(which is anything).

Banish your inner skeptic.

Banish Gasbag!


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