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On overwhelm? Time to get off!

It’s amazing how many people rush around on overwhelm

Even when things are good in their lives, they act as if they’re in the middle of a major crisis.

OverwhelmA manic glint in their eye, they’re on edge, breathless, twitchy…

They drive too fast, shouting at anyone who gets in the way of their furious pace.

And there’s no time to do anything out of the ordinary because they’re “soooo busy”.

They make themselves ill, and make everyone around them miserable.

They make a drama out of whatever they’re doing and, by doing so, make it much more difficult.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

They’ve made a choice.


Is it a wise choice, to live every day embroiled in the angst of drama and overwhelm?

Does it even make sense, in the grand scheme of things?



If you’re on overwhelm is it necessary?
Is it helpful?
Is it time to get off?

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