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“Someone’s boring me…

…I think it’s me”  (Dylan Thomas)

Being bored by yourself is one way to get yourself to change.

But just how bored do you have to get?

We’re not very well wired for change. Rather than twist ourselves through the ‘pain’ of change, the human tendency is to stick with the status quo…and moan!

That’s boring for us – and everyone else, if truth be told.

But we’re creatures of habit. And the habit we already have feels more right, more us…more comfortable…than the one we’d prefer, if we had the choice.

Er, we do!

A habit is a choice.

Even if our habitiual behaviour is boring, limiting…maybe killing us…it’s often what we choose, because it’s just easier to deal with than the edgy and unsettling business of changing.

boringAre you boring yourself?

Find one small habit you have that’s really tedious.

One habit that you moan about quite a lot, to yourself or others.

Do you want to stick with it?

Do you want to have it forever?

Or would you like it to be gone?


Then why wait any longer?

It’s time to twist.


Start with something small.

Be resolute.

Be patient.

Remember, it’s your choice.

Let me know how you go.

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