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Inspiring human being(s)

All too often we judge ourselves and others in ways that limit human potential.

Sometimes we’re aware of it; often we’re oblivious.

It takes time to have all that judgement. But it takes effort to check our assumptions.

So we’ll trot down the easier, more acceptable path of least resistance.

Particularly if we’re on the ‘winning’ track.

We go along with the norm, with what our culture approves of, with the status quo.mandela / inspiring


But if we don’t see the thread that runs through humankind,

and the connectedness between us all,

Then we’re treading a path that will require a lot more effort in the long run…

No, in the short run.


Why not spend today checking out the assumptions you make.

Look at the prisons you put people into.

And set them free.

We all have the power to release human potential through the simple act of shifting our attitude.

It’s a way to celebrate the passing of a truly inspiring human being.


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