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Who are the people you trust?

I just had the pleasure of presenting a keynote at a fantastic conference in New Orleans. The venue was stunning, the audience wonderful, and I got to perform with some amazing New Orleans jazz musicians.

But the main reason it was a joy?

I was working with such brilliant people!  And that makes the world of difference.

When you can trust the people you’re working with to be totally on the case, to have thought through every aspect of their responsibility, to be friendly, fun, and courteous, to be there…and then some, that’s when you can relax and play your part to the highest level you’re capable of.

This is the kind of trust that makes things work.

With trust, everything flows.

Without trust, everything comes to a grinding halt, however great the other circumstances
A couple of red traffic lights against a blue sky

Yet, it’s quite rare.

How often do you find yourself waiting for someone who’s late, again?

Or are let down by someone breaking an agreement, seemingly without the blink of an eye?

Or spend hours on the phone sorting out a problem with a supplier, only to find it re-emerge, unresolved?

How does it make you feel?

How does it make you act?

Does it rub off on you and change your behaviour? (Oh, well. If they’re not bothered…)


Trust is a magical thing. It makes the worst situations bearable, and turns the best into hell.

And when it comes bundled with blue skies, then happy days!

Oh, and the theme of the conference?


p.s. video to follow!


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