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Let’s have five minutes’ silence…

We’re confronted by a cacophony of ‘noise’ all the time. So much so that we stop hearing ourselves.

Think about the messages you’ve been hit with already today…news bulletins, emails, pop-ups, adverts, opinions…and how you’ve responded to them. Often we’re not aware of our response – how can we be? The sheer volume of noise we’re exposed to makes it impossible to consciously deal with it all.

But we become habituated, addicted even, to the noise, plugging ourselves in at every opportunity, checking email, surfing, flicking through channels, flitting from one attention grabbing shiny thing to another. 

We become scared to be silent.


Resistant to our own thoughts.

And we lose the ability to hear ourselves.

I believe in intuitions and inspirations.

I sometimes feel that I am right.

I do not know that I am.

Albert Einstein

Einstein also believed that intuition is “the only real valuable thing.”

Yet we waste this gift!

Using intuition is a soft skill. It’s a natural human capability that we all possess and can develop.

Or we can bury.

Most of us are choosing to bury it under a barrage of noise.

But give your intuition a chance to have its say, and it will show you the best way to go.

So turn the noise down.

Sometimes turn it off.

Get addicted to silence instead.

Try it now.

Just for five minutes.


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