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7 simple intuition boosters

Would you like your intuition to be guiding you better?

Research shows that intuition can be even more efficient and effective as a decision-making process than a purely analytical approach. So if you’re not using it you’re losing out.

beach workout / intuitionTo get your intuition in tip-top condition you need to give it constant attention – just as if you’re keeping yourself physically in shape, but a lot less gruelling!

A simple method is the use of ‘creative disruptions’. In other words, do things differently!

Apply this to your daily routines. When you shake these around, you open yourself up to injections of the unexpected.

Use creative disruptions regularly but in small doses. This constant nudging will shift your thinking out of any ruts, cause your curiosity muscles to flex, and give you the opportunity to pay attention to your intuition.

And the more you listen to your intuition the more you’ll hear it.

For example:

  1. Change what you eat for breakfast
  2. Brush your teeth with the non-dominant hand
  3. Buy a newspaper you’ve never read
  4. Go down a road you’ve not been down before
  5. Speak to someone new and out of your usual sphere
  6. Go into a type of shop you’ve never been into
  7. Sleep on the opposite side of the bed from normal

If you keep doing the same old same old, your intuition will become a couch potato!

Use creative disruption to keep your intuition active.

It’s a fun kind of workout – and you’ll be rewarded with better decisions.


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