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Would you like to have a coach?

Do you have a coach?

Maybe you feel like you don’t really need one?

Well, check out what these rather successful guys have to say about it…

I believe in coaching. There’s no better way to get honest feedback, perspective, clarity on your direction, motivation…and so much more.

I’ve always had coaches, both as a business person and as a performer.

And I’ve also been a coach for eons!

And you know what the secret is to a successful coaching experience? It’s obvious…

You need a good coach!!

So here are a few pointers to finding one:

  1. Not all coaches are equal: The plethora of easy-to-gain coaching qualifications have led to an abundance of coaches with certificates but without true skills. What’s most important is that your coach has experience, wisdom, empathy, humour, and insight.
  2. Find the right coach for you: As with any professional service, you’ve got to pick a provider who specialises in your main area of concern. Then during the introductory session you can find out whether or not you’re a good fit, not only by how you get on, whether you like their style, or how insightful their questions are, but also by taking note of your gut reaction. However…
  3. A coach is not your friend: A coach wants the best for you, but it’s their job to have the difficult conversations that others might shy away from. You need to be ready for this, and to feel confident that your coach will be direct with you. Similarly, you’ll need to be honest with them. So, is this someone you could trust?
  4. Coaching is not therapy: Coaches work primarily from the present and into the future, and are not qualified to help people with serious emotional problems that require in-depth analysis of the past. Be clear with yourself at the outset about what you are looking to change and be sure that coaching is the right route to take to achieve those outcomes.

So are you thinking about getting a coach?

I coach people in leadership roles, who are going through a time of transition, and who are open to change.

If this sounds like you, why not have a get in touch with me, and let’s see if we’d be a good fit!

Whatever kind of coach you need, don’t hesitate a moment longer.

As long as you choose wisely…

Having a coach could be the best investment you ever made!


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