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The Jazz of Business: Leadership in a New Groove

If you want to reach your potential in today’s world you need leadership skills, whoever you are.The Jazz of Business

Leadership is no longer about the ‘maestro’…the conductor on his podium, playing from a score, removed from his ‘underlings’. Now we have a whole new approach – jazz-leadership

Jazz-leadership means you:

  • build the best structures for constant uncertainty
  • adapt easily to change
  • motivate others to be their best
  • lead teams effectively
  • build strong relationships, even virtual ones
  • communicate well with anyone
  • inspire action based on a shared vision

Twenty years ago there were just 800,000 registered businesses in the UK – now there are nearly 4.5 million, of which 3 million are sole traders. So if you don’t already run your own business today you may do so tomorrow! And jazz-leadership is essential to your success.

Jazz-leadership is necessary whether you’re an employer, an employee, or a solopreneur.

If you want to find out about what effective C21st leadership looks like, and ‘up’ your leadership skills, The Jazz of Business: Leadership in a New Groove is the book for you.

The Jazz of Business is a book that should be read by every single CEO!
– Jean-Louis Baudoin / Brussels, Belgium

Available in paperback and Kindle editions.
For all enquiries contact Dodgem Publishing.


Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly!

To achieve everything you’re capable of you don’t need another expert to ‘input’ anything into you. You just need to ‘access’ your full potential and make the most of what you already have.

In Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly you’ll find out how to break down the barriers that stop you being as brilliant as you can be…so you can become your own barrier breaker!

Be Yourself Brilliantly!

Discover how to:

  • recognise what’s holding you back
  • get out of any ruts and ditch unwanted habits
  • identify where you lose time and energy
  • put simple, life-changing techniques into practice
  • find your purpose and fuel your passion
  • use all your talents and skills to the full
  • achieve goals that really inspire you
  • make positive change easy and permanent

Using the award-winning BBM process you’ll radically improve your personal and professional life.

Available in paperback and Kindle editions.
For enquiries contact Dodgem Publishing.

I am truly grateful for this life long companion that I can refer to over and over again … a must read for everyone!
– Rick DellaRatta / New York, USA

This is an essential companion for me and recommended to my clients.
– Helen James / Surrey, England

A unique and thought provoking method for bringing about positive changes to our everyday lives.
-Dr Michael Clarke / London, England

Read it and embrace the change it offers you.
– Paul Roberts / Northants, England

To get the most out of the book, use The Journal to track the changes you make.


The Journal

The Journal accompanies Barrier Breakers: Be Yourself Brilliantly! It stuffed with questions and ideas…and is your ready-made scribble pad!

It makes barrier-breaking easy and enjoyable, giving you a route map that leads to the solutions you want.

The Journal

The Journal encourages you to:

  • track your experience
  • see your progress clearly
  • recognise your patterns
  • fully consider all five barriers
  • ask great questions
  • achieve your goals
  • enjoy the journey

Use The Journal any time you’ve a particular issue you want to explore, and you’ll find it easy to see things more clearly, remove the barriers in your way, and make long-lasting changes in your personal and professional life.

Available in paperback from Amazon.
For enquiries contact Dodgem Publishing.

All profits from The Journal go directly to Barrier Breakers Foundation
so the more you help yourself, the more you help others.