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About me
I present the Jazz of Business concept to forward-thinking organisations.

I challenge out-dated ideas, inspire action, encourage reflection, shift mindsets, break barriers, provoke real change, boost performance, and entertain you!

Let me encourage you and your organisation to develop the improviser mindset and a jazz attitude. This is how you’ll keep your cool and deliver your most brilliant work, even when the present is uncertain and the future is unclear.


I’ve presented for many thousands of organisations and individuals around the world and across industries and sectors. Whoever I’m speaking to, my overarching goal is to enable people to tap into what they already have – whether as an organisation or an individual – and to develop that innate capacity to its maximum. With the power in their hands, audiences leave excited, motivated, and eager to put into action the new ‘jazz of business’ strategies they’ve learnt.

Jean-François Lappas
British American Tobacco
Internal Communications Manager (Global)

It was fantastic getting such a different perspective on employee engagement. The approach, differing wildly from the typical speaker format we usually rely on, offered a fresh take on what usually involves dense business language. It left employees delighted and keen to implement the changes Penelope highlighted in her presentation.

Patti Shade

We had the opportunity to attend the amazing closing keynote address by Penelope Tobin. This truly unique multi-media presentation involved Penelope’s amazing voice and piano playing, accompanied by a local jazz band. All this was coordinated to her powerful power point presentation, providing an exceptional sensory experience. As I looked around, I found the audience of 1500 to be mesmerized! Thank you for an incredible, thought-provoking experience!

David O'Reilly
British American Tobacco
Director, Scientific Research

I’ve read many, many books on leadership over the years. The Jazz of Business spoke to me the most. There is power in every page. And fantastic insights of our current malaise of left-focus dominance in our leadership culture. I am ordering 20 books for starters to distribute to some key people here and some others in my outside network.

Alan Ilberman
REdirect USA

Penelope really “jazzed up“ our Team Summit. Her presentation tied in directly in a practical way both with our theme – Communication for Dispersed Teams – and the work we have been doing with her over the last year. The way Penelope broke it down for the entire group and inspired us to be both collaborative and inventive was magnificent. This set a tone that resonated beyond just her session and continues to do so for our colleagues throughout the US today.

Alice Kramer
University of Alberta, Canada
Conference Organiser: Women in the Knowledge Economy

You gave a brilliant talk and were a real pleasure to work with!

Carol Augusto
Neill TSP
Producer, Serious Business, USA

Penelope was a delight to work with! Everything was perfect…..the way she worked with the production company in making sure everything was communicated clearly, to the way she worked with the local jazz band, to how she performed. Let me emphasize perform…wow!!!! Having Penelope end the conference was the perfect choice! The theme of our conference was Trust Me and the way she tied her message to the theme was brilliant.

Godwin Eyesasn
Procurement Manager

This was one of the best presentations I have ever been to! Now I understand the fusion between jazz and the business organisation. I recommend this any day.

Elise Rasmussen
Women In Tobacco

You made the WIT event such a fab event. You are brilliant and I am soooooooo happy that I met you!!

Alan Margolis
Corporate Association for Professional Development
Event Organiser

Thank you so much for such an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable session. All the feedback has been exceptionally positive – you were truly terrific and greatly appreciated by everyone.

Taravat Taher-Zadeh
Enterprising Women Conference
Event Planner

I loved your presentation; it was interesting, intriguing, insightful and unique…as you are!

Prof James Hunter
Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society

One of the most illuminating talks I’ve been to. Penelope got me thinking about change management in an entirely different way.

Larry Browne

Loved Penelope!!! I feel like she summed up what the two days were all about and echoed many of the messages I had heard. The presentation was creative, engaging and insightful. She really captured where leadership and business should be going right now.

Dinesh Joseph
Learning & Development Specialist

In her ‘Jazz of Business’ presentation Penelope made a wonderful connect between two seemingly juxtaposed topics. I was left with food for thought as her message reverberated long after I left.

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