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Getting you into the jazz groove

I’ve presented for many thousands of organisations and individuals around the world and across industries and sectors. Whoever I’m speaking to, my overarching goal is to enable you to tap into what you already have, and to develop that innate capacity to its maximum. With the power in your hands, you leave excited and motivated – eager to put into practice the new ‘Jazz of Business’ strategies you’ve learnt and to develop the improviser mindset.

Jazz of Business: a unique presentation

My ‘Jazz of Business’ presentations are primarily sought-after by businesses. As well as delivering standalone keynotes for a wide range of organisations, from medium-sized companies to international corporations such as British American Tobacco and the Neill Corporation, I frequently speak to large groups, in my role as lead consultant at the soft skills consultancy Barrier Breakers (UK) Ltd., as part of our consultancy projects.

Develop your improviser mindset!

Would you like to ‘up’ your organisation’s performance?


Are issues such as communication, trust, or teamworking causing disharmony among your colleagues?


Are you prepared for constant uncertainty or does it stress you out?


Is your sector undergoing disruption?


Challenges such as these are addressed in the Jazz of Business presentations. If you’d like to develop the improviser mindset that resolves these problems, I’d love to speak to you and your group.


With experience spanning so many sectors, I’ve learnt how to connect easily with diverse audiences, and to apply my approach in empathetic ways, specific to each group. In my presentations I explore the Jazz of Business relationship as it applies to leadership, innovation, teamworking, trust and other essential business considerations.

I tailor every presentation to the client’s immediate concerns, undertaking a thorough pre-event consultation to ensure the perfect fit.

Jean-François Lappas
British American Tobacco
Internal Communications Manager (Global)

It was fantastic getting such a different perspective on employee engagement.

Larry Browne

The presentation was creative, engaging and insightful…really captured where leadership and business should be going right now.

Godwin Eyesasn
Procurement Manager

One of the best presentations I have ever been to!

Carol Augusto
Neill TSP
Producer, Serious Business, USA

Having Penelope end the conference was the perfect choice! The way she tied her message to the theme was brilliant.

Alan Ilberman
REdirect USA

Penelope really “jazzed up“ our Team Summit.  The way she inspired us to be both collaborative and inventive was magnificent.

Patti Shade

This truly unique multi-media presentation provided an exceptional sensory experience. Thank you for an incredible, thought-provoking experience!